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H2O Group

Turnkey Construction Solutions

H2O Group Turnkey Construction Solutions was founded in 2012. 

Over the years we expanded and many different subsidiaries were born, each specializing in its own field of expertise.

With a vision to construct the impossible, our mission is to provide exceptional quality, unbeatable professional services, and to continue to build the H2O Brand.



Turnkey Construction Solutions

Products and Services


New Building Projects

H2O Construction is a NHBRC registered building contractor. We use only the best SABS approved materials, and we ensure that all projects are built in accordance to NHBRC standards. H2O Construction provides a 5-Year workmanship warranty.
We provide services in the residential, industrial, civil and commercial sector.



H2O Construction also provides renovation, remodeling, and add-on services.
These also include, paving, tiling, laminated flooring, waterproofing, verandas, build in braaiers, bomas and entertainment areas.

swimming pools

Swimming Pools

Customized Designer Swimming Pools

Products and Services

swimming pool

Designer Swimming Pools

H2O Swimming Pools Specializes in Designer Swimming Pools to accommodate our client specifications and needs.
All Swimming Pools come with a standard 5 Year Warranty on workmanship.
We use only the highest grade of SABS approved materials. 

pool repair

Pool repairs and remodeling

We can assist our clients with pool repairs, pool remodeling, re-sizing, leak detection, Re-Marbelite & Fiberglass to name just a few.

pool cleaning

Pool Cleaning

Chemical Levels in any pool can be frustrating, and most of the time it's not the chemical levels in the Pool that affects the clarity of water. That's where our Specialist comes in to check all aspects of a Swimming Pool. Once a proper assessment is made we can provide the client with an accurate quotation to not just clean the swimming pool but to keep it clean all year round

koi pond

Koi Ponds

A Koi Pond can lighten up any landscape. H2O Swimming Pools has years of experience in constructing customized Koi Ponds, and know how to provide the correct filters, pumps etc.

pool heating

Pool Heating

There are various ways to heat your Swimming Pool. We specialize in providing our clients with the correct heating systems that fits their needs, and their budget.

water feature

Water Features

As an add-on or integrated feature, we can provide hundreds of different water feature designs to accommodate your Swimming Pool theme.



We have numerous of different Jacuzzi sizes and shapes. We can also build a customized Jacuzzi. We also provide Jacuzzi pumps, filters, enclosures, blowers, heaters and covers.

spa pool

Spa Pools

A Spa Pool is a combination of a Jacuzzi and a Swimming Pool. Its main feature is to create more of a relaxed environment. H2O Swimming Pools can build any custom designed Spa Pool in accordance to our client’s needs and requirements.



Irrigation Automation

Products and Services


Irrigation Installations

H2O Irrigation specialises in residential and commercial automated irrigation systems. We Provide drip irrigation, localized irrigation, surface irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, centre pivot irrigation, lateral move irrigation, sub-irrigation and manual irrigation.


Irrigation add-ons

We also provide, water tanks, booster pumps, borehole pumps, relay switches, 3 way water filters and sediment removal filters.



Physical security for you property

Products and Services

electric fence

Electric Fences

An electric fence is a barrier that uses electric shocks to deter animals and people from crossing a boundary. The voltage of the shock may have effects ranging from discomfort to death. Most electric fences are used today for agricultural fencing and other forms of animal control, although they are also used to protect high-security areas such as military installations or prisons, where potentially lethal voltages may be used.


ClearVu Fences

Clear View fencing is known as an anti-climb, anti-cut and CCTV optimised security barrier, currently one of the most attractive forms of security fencing systems available. H2O Fences offers various ranges to suit our customers budgets and still maintain high standards of perimeter protection. This high density mesh is always in stock and available to residential, commercial and municipalities.

gate motor

Additional Products and Services

Additional Products and Services include, Palisade fences, Gate motors, and Turnstiles.

air conditioning

Air Conditioning

Residential and Industrial Air Conditioning

Products and Services

air conditioning

Air Conditioner Installer

We can offer the following services:
•A comprehensive range of airconditioning equipment, ranging from 1,95kW to 600kW split, air-cooled and self-contained package units, as well as water cool package. (Heating and Cooling)
•Complete sales service function in respect to sizing the application and assistance with the appropriate selection of equipment.
•The availability of a full range of spares on all equipment we offer.
•Technical assistance and tuition covering all aspects of the installation-procedures and required maintenance-standards to relevant parties.
•Competitive pricing.
•A wide range of equipment from all major brands available.
•Taking on large contracts and completing them in the shortest time-span possible, due to our manpower resources and flexibility.

air conditioner repairs

Air Conditioner repairs and maintenance

We service and repair all makes of Air Conditioners.
We also provide service and maintenance contracts.



Customized Lapa's

Products and Services


New Lapa's

H2O Lapas has mastered and perfected the art of thatch lapas and will custom build your lapa, to your expectation. An expert installation by H2O Lapa's professional team and quality material from reputable suppliers is the basis for all projects. Material used for thatch construction is improving on a yearly basis. Build Up’s relation with suppliers insure that only the best material is used for your lapa.

lapa repair

Lapa Repairs

We also specialise in lapa repairs which includes, replacment of poles, replacemnt of thatch (grass), and combing of lapa's


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